Fwd: [Samba] cant join the domain

H. Elfeky hmhef.z1 at gmail.com
Sat Jun 7 15:17:32 GMT 2008

On 6/7/08, John Drescher <drescherjm at gmail.com> wrote:
> > [root at linuxserver ~]# net ads join -U Administrator
> > [2008/06/07 17:33:20, 0]
> > libads/kerberos.c:create_local_private_krb5_conf_for_domain(596)
> >  create_local_private_krb5_conf_for_domain: failed to create
> > directory /var/lib/samba/smb_krb5. Error was Permission denied
> >
> Have you checked into this error? Does the folder exist? What are the
> permissions?
> John

this error suddenlly stoped appearing :-/
i only edited the permsision of the winbindd_privileged to 777
it makes me think more that it is irreleavent
however i am still not sure
to be safe i will set the permision to readwrite to every one (permision =777)

now all what happen is this:

[root at linuxserver ~]# net join -U Administrator
Administrator's password:
Failed to join domain: Operations error
ADS join did not work, falling back to RPC...
Unable to find a suitable server
Unable to find a suitable server
[root at linuxserver ~]#

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