[Samba] add|delete user / group / machine ... scripts, is the "API" somewhere documented?

Michael Schmitt mschmitt at unixkiste.org
Sat Jun 7 01:42:59 GMT 2008

Hi folks,

are there any more detailed docs about those scripts? I have some
annoying issues there and I can't find anything about that in the docs.

If using usrmgr.exe is it possible to tweak the "add user script" that
the full name of a user is stored too, like if I add the user manually
with adduser (debian) or useradd -c "Full Name" -m username on (most?)
other distros?
If I set the full name in usrmgr.exe, it fails and logs nothing about
that (log level 3). So my assumption is, it is just not implemented as I
did not find a usable variable for the "Full Name" documented. Did I
miss something there?
If adding the user via adduser (debian) or useradd -c "Full Name" -m
username on (most?) other distros and smbpasswd -a afterwards, the full
name is stored... more or less. In usrmgr.exe and after logged in to a
WinXP box and clicking the start button (new XP startmenu style) I see
the correct full name but it is shown with three commas afterwards (like
in /etc/passwd if not all gecos / comments fields are used). If I use
all comment fields for variuos informations (on Debian with adduser it
defaults to private / business phone, room Number and miscellaneous,
with useradd, for most other distros, I think, this would be like
"useradd -c 'full name,room number,phone number...') I see exactly all
those settings in the field for "full name", as so in the startmenu...
bug / feature / not implemented yet? Did I miss something there?

kind regards

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