[Samba] unsafe_string_function_usage_here when linking smbd

Herb Lewis hlewis at panasas.com
Fri Jun 6 19:10:26 GMT 2008

run script to capture all the following output
run gdb trans2.o then run the command x/400i  (may need to change
the number of lines)
search for the offending function call and see where it says it
is in the file

Kai Lanz wrote:
> On Jun 6, 2008, at 10:10 AM, Herb Lewis wrote:
>> try doing an nm on the suspected .o file and see if the reference
>> to the function is there. That will prove which file(s) is comes
>> from than maybe you can determine which function it comes from.
> Thanks, but I've already done that; I used "nm" to confirm that the
> call to an undefined external function called
> "unsafe_string_function_usage_here_size_t" was present in
> trans2.o and in no other object file under source/smbd. The
> trouble is there are 27 calls in trans2.c that have been
> wrapped by safe_string.h and I haven't thought of a way to
> determine which one is getting replaced by the "unsafe_"
> marker.

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