[Samba] how to reduce footprint of smbd?

Patrick pf at stollmann.de
Fri Jun 6 07:31:34 GMT 2008

This is my first mail for this list, so please be considerately.

I'm trying to build a tiny version of samba for an embedded device.
currently im using the version 2.2 with a footprint of smbd 2.4M.

Thats to much.
Is there a way/patch to build smbd without everything beside file exchage?
I don't need printer, swat, ldap,.... support. Just exchange.
I have disabled most of the features via .configure but thats not enough.

I found a patch for 2.0 which disable some parts of printing.

Anybody a solution idea?

Best regards
Patrick Fischer

btw.: I know about samba-ng which is a tiny samba

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