[Samba] do i need posix users/groups in ldap

Collen Blijenberg collen at hermanjordan.nl
Fri Jun 6 07:11:11 GMT 2008

So correct me if i'm wrong,

in order to use the ldap backend, you need to insert the posix users in 
ldap as well ??
there is no way to get it work, with the normal basic setup (passwd 
shadow group ect. files)

that's odd ?!


Adam Williams wrote:
> you'll need to put your posix users in ldap, because samba will add 
> the sambaSamAccount values to them in ldap.
> Collen Blijenberg wrote:
>> Hi all, i'm a bit confused,
>> can i setup samba (3.0.30) with LDAP backend, and have the 
>> "posix/local linux" users and groups
>> reside in the /etc/groups /etc/shadow ect. ect (the standard linux 
>> files)   ???
>> or do i have to put them in ldap also ??
>> (is there a choice?)
>> Greets, Collen

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