[Samba] Custom icons in samba shares

Piotr Jablonski piotr.jablonski at inbox.com
Thu Jun 5 09:33:46 GMT 2008


I was looking for a way to set custom folder icons in shares. I'm currently setting up a network based on samba and there are several people that used custom icons of folders in their shares. Since all shares have been moved to samba server custom icons have disapeared.
I know that in MS windows the way to set up custom icons is to change it via right-click -> properties -> and change there an icon of the folder. Than in this folder apears a new hidden file desktop.ini, which has a path to shell32.dll and number of chosen icon. But if user don't change icon via right click -> properties and jus copy desktop.ini into antoher folder, folder icon doesn't change. Also, if you copy folder witha already changes icon you get changed icon folder in the place you copied to. But if I copy it to a samba share i get default icon for a folder, despite the fact, that it was changed. also if i copy shell32.dll to a folder i want change icon in, and than change the path to local file in desktop.ini it doesn't work in samba share, but it does in windows. I can also put an *.ico file in folder and give a path to it in dektop.ini and it also work in windows, but it doesn't in samba share.
I've also noticed that dekstop.ini is hidden in windows but it isn't hidden in samba share the same way which is of course because of filesystem difference, but i don't think it is relevant.
My question is, am i doing somethign wrong ? And if not is there a way to change icons of folders to custom choosen, and how to achieve that ?
Thanks for quick replay.


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