[Samba] Problem with Login Shell in User Information using Winbind

Aniket Bharaswadkar aniketvb85 at gmail.com
Wed Jun 4 23:32:12 GMT 2008

Hi all

I am trying to get windows AD logins to work with Fedora 8/9 linux.I had 
the same setup working well with fedora 7 , but with fedora 8/9 the 
problem is whenever I do "getent passwd 'username'" the login shell is 
listed as /bin/false and users cannot login , even though I have set it 
to use template shell= /bin/bash in the smb.conf configuration file. 
Also I have made the necessary changes to krb.conf , krb.realms and 
krb5.conf files for kerberos configuration and obtained the tickets 
using "kinit" . "klist" shows that I have the tickets.

I have enabled pam_mkhomedir.so , so if I try my windows AD login by 
doing "su username" , it shows messages about creating home directory , 
and gets me back to my local user prompt, due to no login shell. Also, 
if I input the wrong password , it says wrong password. So 
authentication seems working fine. For more info , here is the output of 
getent ,


I am running samba 3.2.0-rc1 version which shipped with Fedora 9 .

Please advise me how to set the login shells as /bin/bash, as currently 
no domain users can login to my server.


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