[Samba] How to move a samba PDC to a diffrent box

John Drescher drescherjm at gmail.com
Tue Jun 3 21:05:44 GMT 2008

> i have got a samba pdc running based on the smbldap tools and Debian Sarge.
> Now we would like to move everything over to Ubuntu Hardy.
I have done this quite a few times.

> Can i simply:
> - Create the same users and groups with the same id on Hardy



configure syncrepl in openldap-2.3 or greater and add the new ldap
sever as a read only replicator of the first. Then start slapd to sync
and then you can remove the master and sync commands and restart slapd

> - Move the files and profiles over by keeping their permissions (rsync -avzp
> ...)
Seems ok. I do not have any actual user shares or profiles on my pdc.
These are on my fileservers instead.

> - Set the samba SID to be the old orginial one (i do not know how this could
> be done and if it even works)
net setdomainsid

> Will i then simply be able to log back in with my Windows clients?
> Is there a HowTo explaining this scenario?
After you copy the smb.conf, nsswitch.conf and configure openldap and
start all the required services.


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