[Samba] Gentoo, Samba, Upgrade, Authentications now failing

Jason Gerfen jason.gerfen at scl.utah.edu
Tue Jun 3 14:05:29 GMT 2008

John Drescher wrote:
>> Ok I have updated it and am no able to authenticate. It seems that even
>> though my smb.conf shows 'client plaintext auth = no' in the logs when
>> performing a 'wbinfo --krb5auth=username%password' it shows
>> plaintext kerberos password authentication for [username%password] failed
>> (requesting cctype: FILE)
>> Any ideas? I do appreciate any help I can get on this. Here is some version
>> information: Version 3.0.30
>> --
> Sorry that did not help. For now I am out of ideas. Hopefully someone
> knows how to fix that soon otherwise I would go back to the last
> version that worked.
No worries, I will roll it back to 3.0.28. I am not sure why it would 
use plaintext vs. the ntlmv2 that is specified in the config.

> John


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