[Samba] How to move a samba PDC to a diffrent box

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Tue Jun 3 09:28:09 GMT 2008

I think there must be some migration guide in samba documentation (read
chapter 5 and 36 in Samba official howto). I think the best would be to
build up your second machine and add it in your domain as BDC, so that all
users/groups/machines/... get propagated to this new machine.
Once done, migrate all your data, then you can safely switch off the first
one and promote your new machine to PDC (changing OS level, and browsing
options domain master/prefered master)

> Hello List,
> i have got a samba pdc running based on the smbldap tools and Debian
> Sarge.
> Now we would like to move everything over to Ubuntu Hardy.
> Can i simply:
> - Create the same users and groups with the same id on Hardy
> - Move the files and profiles over by keeping their permissions (rsync
> -avzp ...)
> - Set the samba SID to be the old orginial one (i do not know how this
> could be done and if it even works)
> Will i then simply be able to log back in with my Windows clients?
> Is there a HowTo explaining this scenario?
> Thanks,
> Mario
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François Legal

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