[Samba] Migration From 3.0.22 to 3.0.28a on New Hardware

Nick Webb nick at freelock.com
Sun Jun 1 18:24:53 GMT 2008

Adam --

Thanks much for your help, this went off almost without a hitch 
yesterday.  I changed WINS in DHCP and exported/imported the SID, and 
everything came up just fine.  I spent a few hours testing and came 
across a few things that changed between versions (profiles were on by 
default), but was able to quickly correct that.

Now to get ACLs working properly, one step at a time :).

Thanks again!


Adam Williams wrote:
> yes you can have the same sid, just use net setlocalsid.
> if you know what drive letters they've manually mapped to, you can 
> change those in the login script also.  just use the dos net command to 
> disconnect the share and then map it to the new share.  since you're 
> using LDAP i'd probably keep the PDC for authentication and move the 
> roaming profiles and such to the BDC.
> add this with ldapmodify for your users as an example.  nbailey 
> authenticates to the PDC ( but his profile and home directory 
> are on
> dn: uid=nbailey,ou=People,dc=mdah,dc=state,dc=ms,dc=us-- 
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> changetype: modify
> sambaProfilePath: \\\profiles\nbailey
> sambaHomePath: \\\nbailey
> sambaLogonScript: scripts\nbailey.bat
> sambaHomeDrive: R:
> Nick Webb wrote:
>> Adam Williams wrote:
>>> are you using DHCP?  and net login scripts in samba?  just change the 
>>> WINS server in DHCP.  move over all of the .tdb files, make sure the 
>>> new server has the same domain sid.  have the netlogon scipts unmount 
>>> their shares and remount them to the new server.
>> Yes we are using DHCP, so that would be in the plan for the change 
>> over (to switch WINS servers).  I assume we are using net login 
>> scripts for some things, but I know some users have manually added 
>> some shares to their profiles; any way to re point those at the new 
>> server?
>> Do you suggest the new samba instance keeps the old PDC name, or we 
>> change it to the new server name?  Is it possible to have a different 
>> name, but the same SID?
>> Thanks!
>> Nick
> !DSPAM:48370633110589491257663!

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