[Samba] re: smb server attached to san

Phillip Demers phillip.demers at gmail.com
Thu Jul 31 18:07:14 GMT 2008

I've been handed a server environment with samba serving a 1.5 terabyte SAN
mount, and find
connections to the mount slow.

Any attempt to read the filesystem remotely results in a 5-10 second lag
before responding.

Once the initial lag has passed, the filesystem can be read in a reasonable
responsive manner.

I'm not sure where to look to identify the problem.  It's possible using
samba to server a SAN
cluster mount is inherently bad design, from a system architecture
perspective, but I thought
I'd float the problem on the list, and see if anyone has anything to
constructive to contribute.

Please don't reply with pedantic "post your OS, service config" responses, I
just want to know
if anyone else has attempted this configuration, and if so what kind of
problems they encountered.

I'm not going to post the config, I'm not asking someone to debug my
existing config, I'm
only asking if anyone has seen similar configurations, or experienced
similar problems.



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