[Samba] PDC cannot become master browser; cannot change passwords

Bruno La Torre b.latorre at sdslaw.com
Thu Jul 31 16:13:06 GMT 2008

Kevin DeGraaf ha scritto:
> I am having two problems, possibly related, while performing 
> pre-deployment testing of a Samba/OpenLDAP PDC with data that was 
> vampired from an NT4 PDC.  The Samba server fails to become a local 
> master browser, and password change attempts (from a Windows client) 
> fail.
> I followed Samba-Guide/ntmigration.html (taking some liberties with 
> various items of configuration), ending with step #19.  No problems 
> were encountered.
> I isolated the server and a client on a separate network, promoted 
> Samba to a PDC (step #21), and started the Samba daemons.
> On the closed network are the following machines:
> Software: Debian Etch, Samba 3.0.24
> Address:
> Netmask:
> Gateway: none
> Software: Windows XP Professional
> NetBIOS: ICE-LT021
> Address:
> Netmask:
> Gateway: none
> DNS:
> Here are my config files and logs:
>   http://kdegraaf.net/samba-wtf/smb.conf
>   http://kdegraaf.net/samba-wtf/slapd.conf
>   http://kdegraaf.net/samba-wtf/log.smbd
>   http://kdegraaf.net/samba-wtf/log.nmbd
>   http://kdegraaf.net/samba-wtf/log.
>   http://kdegraaf.net/samba-wtf/log.ice-lt021
> The server is running dnscache on and tinydns on 
>  The client can ping the server by hostname, indicating 
> that DNS and basic TCP/IP are in working order.  The client can 
> successfully join the domain and log in.
> Problem #1:
> register_name_response: server at IP rejected our name 
> registration of INTERCLEAN<1d> IP with error code 6.
> become_local_master_fail2: failed to register name INTERCLEAN<1d> on 
> subnet Failed to become a local master browser.
> unbecome_local_master_browser: unbecoming local master for workgroup 
> INTERCLEAN on subnet
> Seriously?  Clients can tell servers to stop being servers?  Imagine:
in the smb network every host can be a server, who is the server is who 
wins the election.
put  local master = yes in smb.conf and change os level = 255

> [CUT]
> Problem #2:
> I attempted to change my password from the Windows workstation.  The 
> request hung for 35 seconds and then I received an error: "The system 
> cannot change your password now because the domain INTERCLEAN is not 
> available."
I'm not sure but the admin must write on the tree ldap

> access to attr=userPassword,sambaNTPassword,sambaLMPassword,shadowLastChange
        by dn="cn=Manager,dc=interclean,dc=com" write
        by anonymous auth
>	by self write
>	by * auth

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