[Samba] "posix locking = no" - is it dangerous?!

Miguel Da Silva - Centro de Matemática mdasilva at cmat.edu.uy
Wed Jul 30 01:29:38 GMT 2008

John Drescher escreveu:
>> http://lists.samba.org/archive/samba/2008-January/137529.html
> I know for a fact that XP says its own local folders are read only
> when they are not. This is  a feature of windows and I believe I have
> seen a MS knowledge base article about this.
> John

I've seen that too (I do not have the URL at hands right now) and it 
also gives a solution to the problem, but the solution is concerned 
about an Windows clients.

The idea was to use attrib command to change some information, but this 
command will not affect a file located in the Samba/NFS server. By the 
way, the message Windows gave me was something like "Access denied".

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