[Samba] msdfs root = yes is the default???

Brian H. Nelson bnelson at cis.ysu.edu
Tue Jul 29 15:12:28 GMT 2008

Rob Shinn wrote:
> Why is that when you create a share, the default is 'msdfs root = yes'?
> Also, why is that a share that is set 'msdfs root = yes' -- or, rather,
> a share that does /not/ set 'msdfs root = no' -- advertises that it is a
> DFS root to the Linux CIFS client, /even /when 'host msdfs = no'?  This
> sounds like A) a bug (ignoring 'host msdfs', and B) a misfeature (msdfs
> root should probably /not/ default to yes).

The default for 'msdfs root' was changed to 'no' in, I believe, samba 
3.0.25. If you're using a version earlier than that, I suggest putting 
'msdfs root = no' in the global section of smb.conf. That seems to 
disable it for all shares.

I ran into similar issues with this problem and the [homes] share, ah la 
samba bug 4398. Be aware that you generally have to reboot the _client_ 
machine(s) in order for changes to the 'msdfs root' parameter to be 


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