[Samba] Troubles with PDC move

Adam Williams awilliam at mdah.state.ms.us
Tue Jul 29 13:29:18 GMT 2008

have to load the user's NTUSER.DAT as administrator in redegit, click on 
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHONE, then under file, click load hive, load their 
NTUSER.DAT, name it something, right click, permissions, amke sure it 
has DOMAIN\USER for the person that should own it.  if not, you can add 
permissions for that user.  then unload hive, put their NTUSER.DAT back, 
and try logging in as that user again and see what happens.  one way to 
see if you have a registry permission problem is to right click on their 
my documetns and change the target to z:\my documents or whatever drive 
letter you have available.  if it works, you don't have a registry 
permissions problem, if it says unable to change target, then you do and 
will have to do the hive proceedure to fix it.

Aaron Johnson wrote:
> Adam Williams wrote:
>> check the permissions on the registry hive?  
> Where is this and how would I check it?
>> does the new server have the same SID as the old one?
> Yes double checked the domain SID also already.
> Aaron
>> Aaron Johnson wrote:
>>> Versions:
>>> Old Server:
>>> Ubuntu 6.06
>>> Samba 3.0.25a
>>> New Server
>>> Centos 5.2
>>> Samba 3.0.25b
>>> I have moved all the *.tdb, samba configs, login scripts, files, 
>>> unix user UIDs and groups have also been moved over, all appear to 
>>> be working without any trouble.
>>> I can login to a computer that is part of the domain and my roaming 
>>> desktop loads.
>>> The Issue:
>>> While the roaming desktop, and settings such as Firefox and 
>>> Thunderbird load correctly, the Windows setting that control things 
>>> such as Recent Programs list in the start menu, ordering of Icons on 
>>> the desktop, and theme are not loaded.
>>> Or is this a bug I should file with samba team?
>>> Aaron

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