[Samba] Mutli-Homed Subnetting - Advice please

Adam Williams awilliam at mdah.state.ms.us
Mon Jul 28 19:24:46 GMT 2008

how congested is your network?  is the gigabit card on the server near 
100% utilization, or also are your network switches near 100% bandwidth 
utilization, or both?  are you using roaming profiles?  i'd try to 
offload some of the network load by re-directing my documents to their 
home directory so that roaming profiles doesn't have to copy that data 
at login/logoff.  if your switches are already congested, I don't think 
a 2nd nic will help much.  if you had some money you could buy more 
switches.  I like how the cisco switches handle VLANs well to break up 

use unison for the mirroring of the folders, google for it.  its like a 
2-way rsync.

i can send you some old emails from the list i saved with various 
helpful samba login scripting if you want me to forward you copies of them.

jools at oss4all.plus.com wrote:
> Hi All,
> I have a problem with a growing network. I inherited the network at about
> 200 machines and it's now reached 300 at which point the cracks are
> starting to show. I have no budget to speak of but need to up the
> bandwitdh so I'm looking at sticking an extra Gigabit NIC into my PDC and
> splitting the network into two subnets. I have two kinds of data, static
> and dynamic. Static files are put there by higher rights users (teachers)
> to be accessed read only by pupils. Dynamic data includes profiles and
> users work.
> After reading the manuals and searching the web I have a couple of questions:
> 1) I assume that as the NICs are on the same server (PDC & WINS)  the WINS
> server part of Samba will store both NIC IPs in the wins.dat file and that
> it'll answer WINS queries from both subnet without a problem. Dynamic data
> will be stored on the PDC so I assume this will be easy. Am I on safe
> ground here?
> 2) I plan to have a server on each subnet that will hold the static data
> and act as BDCs relieving the load on the PDC. Effectively, the content
> will be identical but as staff update data on one, is there a way of
> binding the server shares together so one updates the other. I know you
> can bind two drives on a unix box together with mount --bind. Has anyone
> tried binding two samba shares together? Is it easier to script an rsync 
> -u .
> 3) Finally, I need to run login scripts based on group membership but with
> static data shares mounted on a different server depending on the subnet
> you're on. Any tips on stacking login scripts? Can samba do this.
> Any hints and tips appreciated. I have limited time to do this and set up
> three web servers with limited time for testing but that's life.
> Cheers,
> Jools

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