[Samba] Share directory empty

Michael Dunne dunne at math.psu.edu
Mon Jul 28 18:03:09 GMT 2008


Thanks for the rapid reply. I have posix locking set to no due to an  
issue with MS Word and Excel documents on machines with XP SP3  
installed. IIRC, it was this thread that helped me crack that issue:  

The users that need to access that share are in a unix group called  
"office" which has read/write/execute over /home/fourier/office. They  
all have unix accounts.

Thanks again!


Michael Dunne
Systems Administrator
Mathematics Department
The Pennsylvania State University
4 McAllister Bldg.
University Park, PA 16802

On Jul 28, 2008, at 1:54 PM, kissg wrote:

> [office]
>        path = /home/fourier2/office
>        posix locking = No
> First of all, why do you need "posix locking = No"? According to  
> the smb.conf man page, you should never need to disable file  
> locking this way.
> Also, check if your users, who need access to that share, have the  
> proper UNIX permissions to "/home/fourier2/office". Are your user  
> mappings set up correctly? Keep in mind, that you need to create  
> UNIX accounts for all of your Windows users, to maintain  
> permissions correctly.
> You can easily check, if you have a UNIX account for a user by typing
> id <username>
> on your Samba server.

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