[Samba] Owner and Group ignored over preference to ACLs

Justin Finkelstein justin at redwiredesign.com
Mon Jul 28 14:07:51 GMT 2008

Hello all

I've just recently upgraded one of our servers from Fedora Core to
CentOS 5.2 and a side effect of this is that Samba is now version

Following this upgrade, I have noticed an odd behaviour: samba ONLY uses
ACLs to provide permissions to XP clients connecting to the server.

Some research as has said that this may be due to the deprecation of acl
group control, which is now replaced by the 'dos filemode' option.
However, changing this doesn't the desired affect.

To be clear: the desired effect, for me, is to have owner and group
information (as well as ACLs) used to determine permissions for
connected users.

I've yet to find an answer to this via google.

Has anyone else experience this and have some feedback?



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