[Samba] Re: Building Samba 3.2.0 on Solaris with Sun compiler

David Eisner deisner at gmail.com
Mon Jul 28 14:43:12 GMT 2008

On Mon, Jul 28, 2008 at 10:20 AM, Volker Lendecke
<Volker.Lendecke at sernet.de> wrote:
> On Mon, Jul 28, 2008 at 09:56:23AM -0400, David Eisner wrote:
>> Still wondering:  Is building with cc (as opposed to gcc) on Solaris
>> 10 supported with Samba 3.2.0?
> Should be, sure. The build farm runs some hosts this way.
> Volker

When I try to build with cc, it dies almost immediately with this:

   Linking shared library bin/libtalloc.so
   /usr/ccs/bin/ld: illegal option -- version-script
  usage: ld [-6:abc:d:e:f:h:il:mo:p:rstu:z:B:CD:F:GI:L:M:N:P:Q:R:S:VY:?] file(s)
          [-64]           enforce a 64-bit link-edit
          [-a]            create an absolute file
          [-b]            do not do special PIC relocations in a.out

.. and so on.

The problem is that the Solaris ld does not understand
--version-script: that's specific to the GNU linker.  Looking in the
Makefile, I find the problem here:

   ## Dynamic shared libraries build settings
   DSO_EXPORTS_CMD=-Wl,--version-script,$(srcdir)/exports/`basename $@
| sed 's/so$$/syms/'`

This is hard-coded into Makefile.in; it's not generated by the
configure script.  Unless I'm missing something (which is quite
possible), I don't see how this could work with the Solaris linker.

Thanks again for your help.


David Eisner http://cradle.brokenglass.com

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