[Samba] Windows stations don't recognize each other

Tim Bates tin at new-life.org.au
Mon Jul 28 00:47:12 GMT 2008

Lucia Donatto wrote:
> Let me explain it better, if a user "A" in an A pc ask the access to a
> shared resource in a B pc by a "B" user, it is not possible because it
> recquires user and password and only takes that of the user previously
> logged on B pc. No other user works with its password, not even the root
> one.
>     I´ll be really gratefull if you can give me any help, because right now
> I´ve got the server on production!
>     Thank you very much.
Sounds a little like they aren't properly joined to the domain... Or the 
share permissions got broken somehow during the change.
But I'm no expert on the internal ways of Windows file sharing, so I'm 
just suggesting what I'd look to first if I had that happen.


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