[Samba] Windows stations don't recognize each other

Lucia Donatto lucia.frika at gmail.com
Mon Jul 28 00:19:38 GMT 2008

Hi, I´ve got this problem and can´t find a solution. Maybe someone from the
list have experienced something similar and can help me.
I´ve made a migration from a NT server to ubuntu + samba +openldap with
vampire. In the beggining it worked ok, the problem I´ve got now is that
work stations XP can´t share resources (neither folders or printers )
between each other. When trying the access, it requires user and password
and it only valids the one that has the user logged in the pc that I´m
trying to access.
Let me explain it better, if a user "A" in an A pc ask the access to a
shared resource in a B pc by a "B" user, it is not possible because it
recquires user and password and only takes that of the user previously
logged on B pc. No other user works with its password, not even the root
    I´ll be really gratefull if you can give me any help, because right now
I´ve got the server on production!
    Thank you very much.

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