[Samba] Problems to join domain (clients XP send false SID !)

manu Baylac manu at ldd.fr
Sun Jul 27 20:46:57 GMT 2008

Hi kissg,

kissg a écrit :
>  First of all, try to re-join the machine to your domain. Add the
>  machines to a local workgroup (you can assign any name to it), then,
>  after a reboot, try to rejoin the machines to your domain.

Already try like you say, and same problem. Retry tomorrow at work.

If this
>  doesn't help, check user data in the LDAP database:
>  id <username>
>  you should see something like this:
>  uid=10001(administrator) gid=512(Domain Admins) groups=512(Domain
>  Admins),513(Domain Users)
>  Check if the gid is:
>  512 for Domain Administrators 513 for Domain Users 514 for Domain
>  Guests
>  This is very important, because Windows determines the primary group
>  based on the group id (for example, if you log in to your domain as
>  the "root" user, you won't get administrator privileges on the local
>  computer, because the group ID for root is always zero).
myserver:~# id mysuser
uid=10009(myuser) gid=513(Domain Users) groupes=513(Domain 

no problem....

For information :

myserver:~# slapcat|less

dn: uid=myuser,ou=Users,dc=paf,dc=org
shadowFlag: 134538308
shadowMin: -1
uid: myuser
objectClass: inetOrgPerson
objectClass: posixAccount
objectClass: shadowAccount
objectClass: top
objectClass: person
objectClass: sambaSamAccount
homeDirectory: /home/myuser
uidNumber: 10009
shadowMax: 99999
gidNumber: 513
shadowInactive: -1
shadowLastChange: 11192
shadowExpire: 0
shadowWarning: 7
structuralObjectClass: inetOrgPerson
entryUUID: 6cbfc97c-dbc1-102c-9e95-2d2488768dcc
creatorsName: cn=admin,dc=paf,dc=org
createTimestamp: 20080701135744Z
sambaSID: S-1-5-21-1992849915-3986077062-2098313537-21018
sambaPwdMustChange: 2147483647
sambaAcctFlags: [U          ]
loginShell: /bin/bash
cn: myuser name
displayName:: IA==
sn: name
givenName: myuser
gecos: myuser name
sambaPwdCanChange: 1215510194
sambaLMPassword: 89EE53044FFF514C0C240E84A183686E
sambaNTPassword: 0964A79F99FFA5D9E7F57CF29AB6BE6B
sambaPwdLastSet: 1215510194
userPassword:: e1NTSEF9blFpQ2pnamk2L0I1ekgwckpScWlSUWk5Qlo1ME42L2Y=
entryCSN: 20080708094314Z#000001#00#000000
modifiersName: cn=admin,dc=paf,dc=org
modifyTimestamp: 20080708094314Z

And as i said in other mail, always in all network except on the 2 acer 
machines, and sometimes on the 2 machines, it succed
with this user.... And sometimes, it falls, because user considered by 
server as guest...

Other problem (maybe a link ?), sometimes opening/terminating sessions 
takes a lon time.... (15 or ... 2 mn !!)


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