[Samba] Binding to a single hostname/address on a multihomed host

John Center john.center at villanova.edu
Tue Jul 22 20:50:41 GMT 2008


Is there a way to bind Heimdal 1.x to a single hostname/address?  Right 
now, we're using it on a Solaris 10 multihomed system with Samba as a 
domain member in our AD domain.  Eventually, we want to move it to its 
own server using a different hostname & address.  It's binding to the 
local host's nodename & all ip addresses, which causes some confusion at 
startup.  Is there a way to do this in the krb5.conf file?  Reading the 
man page, I get the impression that one would use "extra addresses" & 
"scan_interfaces", but it would be helpful if someone would confirm 
this, & explain how to tell it which hostname to respond with.



John Center
Villanova University

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