[Samba] Slow Samba writes over NFS

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All -

Thanks for the suggestions, putting Samba directly on the file server would
be ideal, but due to the environment & the large number of Linux/Unix file
servers, this is not a likely scenario.  Unfortunately, the only current
option is for us is to use Samba accessing data over NFS.  From my
understanding several factors went into deciding on Samba v2.0.10 and among
that were NFS data integrity, smbd hanging and & non-use of *tdb's.  At
some point in time we had to go from Samba v2.2 back to Samba v2.0.10 for
the above reasons.

Suggestions received to speed NFS writes on Samba v3 vs. Samba v2:
   Set "strict locking = no" (default in Samba v2*).  Default in Samba v3
   is "strict locking = yes"
   Set "posix locking = no"
   The utimes(2) calls may have changed for write for correctness...

With or without the suggested updates above, is Samba susceptible to NFS
data corruption and smbd hangs?  Was the utime code/script update to really
address NFS write correctness, or other?

I need to determine if any/all of these items below have substance/still
hold true for Samba v3* and specifically for Samba 3.0.27a.
      Does these websites info. still hold true for Samba 3.0.27a?
      Issues around Samba 3.0.5:



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Helmut Hullen wrote:
> Hallo, ashis.v.purbhoo,
> Du (ashis.v.purbhoo) meintest am 17.07.08:
>> Currently in the process of upgrading Samba v2.0.10 to Samba v3.0.x,
>> while conducting some minimal testing, it turns-out that Samba v3.0.x
>> is performing slower than Samba v2.0.10.
>> Set-ups:
>> A. Samba v3.0.x -->
>> Same PC client is accessing the samba share running on Red Hat 4.5
>> (64bit, HP DL380) which in turn has an NFS mount coming from another
>> SAN attached Red Hat 4.5 (64bit, HP DL380).
>> B. Samba v2.0.x -->
>> Same PC client is accessing the samba share running on Red Hat 4.5
>> (32bit, Dell T7400) which in turn has an NFS mount coming from
>> another SAN attached Red Hat 4.5 (64bit, HP DL380).
> Maybe a change to cifs instead of nfs helps - I have seen that in a
> school in the neighnourhood.
> Viele Gruesse!
> Helmut
Samba 2.* default was "strict locking = no", and 3.* is "strict locking
= yes".  If you have "strict locking" set over an NFS mount, it will be
very slow.

Eric Roseme
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