[Samba] How can we let all the clients determine we have changed the share's permission

chenyun_zhou chenyun_zhou at 126.com
Mon Jul 21 04:40:56 GMT 2008


>On Sun, Jul 20, 2008 at 11:39:15PM +0800, chenyun_zhou wrote:
>>  As we know, if we change the permission of windows' file
>>  share's permission, the client will determine this. But
>>  if we change the file share's permission in the smb.conf
>>  , the client can not determine this if it aready
>>  connected to the server. How can we let all the samba
>>  clients determine the smb.conf's change immediately?
>You can't. Sorry.
I think it's possible, will can send SIGHUP to smbd process to let all daemon read smb.conf, why not let them reevalute their permission at the same time?

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