[Samba] How to inform all the daemons I have modified the smb.conf file

chenyun_zhou chenyun_zhou at 126.com
Sun Jul 20 09:36:16 GMT 2008

>> I edit the lp_load() of the samba source that this fuction may modify the smb.conf sometimes. How can I let all the samba  daemons know that?
>Samba periodically checks the configuration file and adjusts its 
>behavior accordingly.

But when I send the -HUP single, it reread smb.conf, but its permission does not affected. is there any wrong?
for example :
before changed
    path = /usr/src/test
    read only = yes
    read list = jim
after changed 
   path = /usr/src/test
   read only = no
   write list = jim
after reload the configuration file, aready connected client's permission on "test" not changed. 

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