[Samba] Samba 3.0.31 logs to wrong file

Jens Nissen jens.nissen at gmx.net
Fri Jul 18 13:28:11 GMT 2008

I have configured Samba 3.0.31 to log into one specific file.
What I get is that each process logs into its own file,
which is extremely annoying.

Could this please be turned back to the logging like in 3.0.2x 
It was annoying enough that each process began its own log file,
but I could handle this by removing the file with a timeout after 
starting SAMBA, but with 3.0.31, the logging into the separate files 
does not stop anymore.

 From the configuration:

# cat /etc/cfg_user/smb.conf.ads | grep log
   winbind offline logon=True
   log file=/var/log/adsamba/smblog.ad
   log level=6
   max log size=0

# ls /var/log/adsamba/
cores               log.wb-DOMAIN       smblog.ad
log.nmbd            log.winbindd
log.smbd            log.winbindd-idmap

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