[Samba] samba-vscan-clamav on access virus scanner for Samba

Barry R Cisna brcisna at eazylivin.net
Thu Jul 17 05:34:58 GMT 2008

Hello Listers,

Don't know what everyone is using for virus scanning on your school's
windersz boxes. Just thought this may be of interest to some people
here. I set up a few weeks ago, on our Samba file server for all
students and staff at school samba-vscan-clamav. I guess i shouldn't
blow about it yet, but with quite a bit of testing by yours truly,this
really works slick as a real time scanner on any samba share on your
file server you want it to scan in real time.( Most likely your users
home folders of course). With this setup the higher ups will like it
somewhat better than running the 'ol midnight cron job of clamscan'.Also
might mention,in the last 3 years since going to Clamav on all of our
windersz boxes at school we have not had any "outbreaks" of viruses. I
think this addition will be very nice as a transparent scanning
piece,for all files coming and going on the file server. Other than
having to compile it against whatever version of Samba you are running
it was very easy, lightweight to setup.Couldn't find very many rpm's for
Just an FYI.

take care,

Barry Cisna

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