[Samba] Problems connecting to a NAS via Samba/Cifs Protokol

cplusplus at flying-bordercollies.de cplusplus at flying-bordercollies.de
Thu Jul 17 05:09:58 GMT 2008

I am very new to this list and don't have much time to first watch the
list for the next two weeks (or so), because my problem is urgent. So
please don't flame me if i am acting unusual ;-)

I come from Germany, so my english maybe wired sometimes, please be gentle

Ok, now to my problem:
I have a ubuntu linux hary heron with kde, so it'S actually an kubuntu. I
can recover and work with the network attached storage without problems if
i use konqueror with "smb:/". Also smb4k recovers my NAS and everything.
My problem ist now, that i want to integrate the samba resource into my
root tree.
It works using the ftp protokoll, but not very well (timeouts and multiple
transfers are too much for my nas). What i want ist that i can attach the
nas dynamical via batch script. In this script i want to mount the samba
ressources into "/media/nasbox". I tried to do this, but received the
message, that the folder nasbox did not exist, so i opened /media/ as root
and created the folder. Now i can see this folder only as normal user, but
not as root, which first of all is really wired, as the folder belongs to
root and so i can't acces it. But i need to be root to change this, and
root can't discouver this folder...

How would be the correct way to attach this storage the right way. I think
i need a fstab entry, and a few other things. cifs sambafs and so on are
installed. Of course i need access to the files and folders as "normal"
user. To make things easier, i have now a complete fresh installation, so
there is no need to put up with missconfigured conf's, fstab entries and
so on.

Thanks for your help


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