[Samba] xp/2003 explorer freezes browsing shares on Samba 3.2 ipv6 hosts

Pim Zandbergen P.Zandbergen at macroscoop.nl
Wed Jul 16 15:50:37 GMT 2008

Jeremy Allison wrote:
> No, IPv6 was tested by Dr. David Holder on Windows
> platforms vs. Samba on Linux and FreeBSD. Not sure
> what distro's though.
> Can you get a debug level 10 log from smbd on
> the server when IPv6 is enabled against a client
> that freezes. 
Just entered a bug on bugzilla with a level 10 log and a
wireshark capture from the XP client.
> Also an IPv6 network capture would help.
The wireshark capture was run on a non-ipv6 capable client.
Do you want me to repeat it for an ipv6 capable client?

I doubt there is difference, as there seems to be no
ipv6 smb traffic at all, just ipv6 ldap traffic.

What I do see is that smbd handles ipv4 smb connections on ipv6 sockets.
I know a lot of other ipv6 capable applications use ipv4 sockets for ipv4
connections, supposedly because of problems using ipv6 sockets for
everything, particularly on Linux.


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