[Samba] Automatic Integrated Windows Auth (IWA) in firefox & nautilus

Dikan Xing xiaobao at apex.sjtu.edu.cn
Fri Jul 11 02:57:39 GMT 2008

Hi, all

My problem is concerning Automatic Integrated Windows Auth (IWA).

I've successfully on my ubuntu
a) joined a Windows domains (by net join -S), =20
b) list domain users (by wbinfo -u),
c) logined gnome with a domain user (domain\username).

What drives me to do all this is to expect
1) my firefox automatically answers ntlm (a.k.a. iwa, integrated windows =
auth) when=20
I visit an Outlook Web Access site. =
(network.automatic-ntlm-auth.trusted-uris is set to proper value, which =
works in Windows)
2) nautilus automatically login when I visit a share folder inside the =
(by addresss starting smb://machine/folder.///)

But neither works.

Firefox prompt for username & password when I visit an Exchange site =
using IWA.
nautilus still prompt for password although he auto correctly fills the =
name & domain field.

Is this a configuration problem of samba?
or that the implementation of firefox & nautilus take charge and they =
haven't implemented?

Many Thanks

Dikan Xing

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