[Samba] Re: rpcclient 'adddriver issue HP Deskjet 1220C

Andreas Oster aoster at novanetwork.de
Thu Jul 10 05:43:52 GMT 2008

Hello Mark,

thank you for the directory hint. I had actually placed the files into
the wrong directory, so the 'WERR_BADFILE' was actually a 'file not
found' error :-(

Thank you for your kind help



Mark Gannon schrieb:
> On Wednesday 09 July 2008 05:40:19 am Andreas Oster wrote:
>> I have copied the driver files to /var/lib/printers prior to executing
>> the adddriver command !
> The drivers need to be copied to the directory returned by the "getdriverdir" 
> rpc command.  On my system the output looks like:
> rpcclient $> getdriverdir
> rpc_pipe_bind: Remote machine localhost pipe \spoolss fnum 0x772d bind request 
> returned ok.
> 	Directory Name:[\\LOCALHOST\print$\W32X86]
> Where the network share maps to /var/lib/printers.  My interpretation is that 
> you need to create two new directories on your system.
> i.  /var/lib/printers/W32X86
> ii.  /var/lib/printers/W32X86/3
> And the directories need to be writeable over the print$ share by the user you 
> run rpcclient as.
> If you don't mind changing your arrangement so that the print jobs are 
> rendered on the Linux host and a standard PostScript driver is distributed to 
> the clients, you might have a look at the following article:
> http://www.enterprisenetworkingplanet.com/netsysm/article.php/3621876
> Regards,
> Mark Gannon

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