[Samba] problem printing from windows using Adobe Acrobat since I upgraded, from samba 3.0.30 to samba 3.2

Miguel Garcia naufff at yahoo.es
Wed Jul 9 12:29:40 GMT 2008

Hi all,
Recently I upgraded my samba 3.2+cups 1.3.7 printer server from Fedora 8 
to Fedora 9 and now all my users who try to print from windows pdf files 
using Adobe Acrobat can't print. The job tries to communicate with the  
server, the connection with samba is made but never comes to the cups  
server. I have tried to figure out the reason but without luck. I know, 
I could say to my users to use another pdf viewer (even to use  linux!! 
;-) ). The question is that maybe another kind of similar problems could 
came out :-(

Any clue?? I have notice the use of IPv6 in F9 but I have not found any  
useful information.
Some change from F8 to F9 or from samba 3.0 to samba 3.2 that could be 

Test page and jobs from Microsoft Word are printed without problems.

Thanks in advance.


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