[Samba] Linux update knobbles Samba

David Outteridge dajo at frii.com
Mon Jul 7 14:29:33 GMT 2008

> Hey, pardon me for breaking in here - but those actiontec routers are
> really crap, 
Great stuff, Charlie, there is nothing like getting to the point right
away 8-)
>              I have one and my father has one as well.  They go schizo
> at fairly predictable intervals, my dad has to power-cycle his (unplug
> from wall, wait a few seconds, plug back in) every three months.  I
> have only had mine for two months, but I've had to do it once already.
>  I presume this is because I use mine harder; I have a fairly busy
> home network and my dad has only his Ubuntu and Mac machines.
We have had ours for years, it came via the telephone company with
DSL.  We have had to do some power-cycling as you describe.  It has
never been a big deal, but I shall think about it some more.

> In your shoes, I would power down everything and reboot - bring up
> the
It happens that we just had a power failure when the house re-modelling
across the way involved the Bobcat attacking the electricity cable.  The
computers are on UPSes, but not the modem; I am in the process of
changing that.

> actiontec and any other switch or router tackle first, then the linux
> box, then the Windows.  You might find everything magically works (or
> not, but at least you will have a clean test environment for figuring
> out what is wrong).
So, I tried all that by default.  Thanks for the suggestion though.

> --Charlie
> On 7/6/08, David Outteridge <dajo at frii.com> wrote:
> >> On Tuesday 01 July 2008 21:37:31 David Outteridge wrote:
> >>
> >> > * The hardware is a local LAN controlled by an Actiontec DSL gateway
> >> > The computers on the LAN are LinuxServer ( and XPHomeClient
> >> > (

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