[Samba] Policies on Windows Cliente XP

Adam Williams awilliam at mdah.state.ms.us
Sat Jul 5 21:14:02 GMT 2008

group policies work fine in XP.  you'll need the windows 2000 server 
policy account manager.  i'll have to look up the exact name of it, but 
you can get it from extracting 2000 SP4.

Tales Macedo wrote:
> Good Morning, Friends.
> Excuse my English,
> I live in Brazil, Rondônia State, Amazon.
> Recently, installed a SAMBA PDC server, and thats this work ok.
> The problem with this as we implement the policies (reg) of the 
> Windows client, without users having to be in the group administrator 
> in the Windows client. Query the How-To, but could not find the solution.
> Regards.
> Macêdo, Tales
> Pemaza S/A

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