[Samba] samba + slave OpenLdap (read-only)

L.P.H. van Belle belle at bazuin.nl
Wed Jul 2 13:30:42 GMT 2008

i suggest setting up ldap syncrepl 
if needed you can use it in multi master mode.

( im running also etch, with pdc and bdc + 1 ldap master and 4 slaves.  ) 


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>Onderwerp: [Samba] samba + slave OpenLdap (read-only)
>I'm trying to config samba to use a openldap replica (slave) base.
>Every thing is working, except when I try to join a machine to 
>a domain.
>Samba try to write some attributes in openldap, but this 
>database (slave) is
>read-only, so this operation fails.
>Openldap can return a REFERRAL when a client (samba) try to do a
>modification on a slave database and this already is happening.
>But samba can't understand this referral return by the slave openldap.
>I saw in the man that this is possible and samba should 
>understand this by
>This is correct ? Or I should change something in smb.conf?
>I'm using samba 3.0.24 (Debian Etch).
>João Alfredo
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