[Samba] smbclient sending ICMP unreachable destination host(administratively prohibited)

Mohammed El-Afifi mohammed_elafifi at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 2 13:15:33 GMT 2008

I'm using fedora 9, 64-bit edition, on a machine acting as a client. I've installed samba-client 3.2.0 from a binary package. I amn't running the server portion of samba(smbd, nmbd, or even winbindd).
I'm trying to access shares on another windows machine, on the same network Both machines, the client and the server, are using DHCP to acquire IP addresses.
When I type the command
smbclient -L <windows host name>
I get an error about bad network name. I traced my smbclient session with tcpdump and wireshark, jut to find out some strange behaviour. 
	1. smbclient tries DNS requests and receives unresolved host replies. This's totally sane since my DNS works for resolving external names only, not those inside my network.
	2. smbclient then tries to resolve the netbios name. It broadcasts a message and it really receives response from the windows machine resolving the name successfully. However after smbclient receives the successful netbios response, it sends and ICMP message to the windows machine indicating "unreachable destination host(administratively prohibited)".
	3. Steps 1 and 2 repeat for a few times(about 3 times), each time ending with the strange ICMP message.
I can't see what's wrong with my network configuration. I can access the other windows machine by IP address pretty well. I can access all internet sites successfully. I've disabled the kernal firewall and selinux, but with no progress.
I've redhat 9(installed on the same machine having fedora 9) with samba-client installed(a very old version of course, 2.2 maybe), and it can access the windows machine seamlessly. So I wonder if it's something related to my samba version, my fedora 9 OS, or may I be missing something critical in my smb.conf, taking into consideration that I haven't changed smb.conf from the stock one shipping with the samba-client binary package?
Appreciating your help for any suggestions!


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