[Samba] Login with special groups

Nikolaus Hammler nikolaus.hammler at telematik.edu
Thu Jan 24 21:30:22 GMT 2008

Helmut Hullen schrieb:
> Hallo, Niki,

Hallo :-)

> Du (mailinglists) meintest am 24.01.08:
>> Is it possible to allow login from certain machines in a samba3
>> domain just to users who are in certain special groups?
>> I could not find any options on this.
> Which OS do you use?

Linux ;-) (Debian 4)

And Windows (XP, 2000) as clients in the PDC domain.

> Samba has the option "preexec" which can be used for checking something.  
> And "preexec" has the option "close" (p.e. "close = yes") which can be  
> used as a kind of "if user has no legitimation then exit".

Thank you, I already thought about this option but this is somehow not 
fine-granulating enough for me. First, it should control the *login* on 
the samba domain controller.
Second, it would be fine to set groups for each workstation which are 
allowed to login on this workstation (or - as by default - all are allowed).

Best regards,
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