[Samba] can't use Swat to add new user

martinnitram at excite.com martinnitram at excite.com
Wed Jan 23 07:45:18 GMT 2008

Using Centos 4.6 + Samba/Swat 3.0.25b, all used binary install

Swat work fine at port 901 (and even using behind stunnel), and can edit smb.conf.

But at 'Password' page, after typed in 'User Name', 'New Password', ' Re-type New Password' at 'Server Password Management' section, it shown no message and even can't add new user to samba/linux system. (used 'root' to login already)

Is it needed to add 'add user script'/'delete user script' value at smb.conf? Coz currently had not added those value at samba conf file

  Thank for helping.

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