[Samba] Samba vs ActiveDirectory Kerberos error message

Greg Hanks greghanks at greghanks.com
Sat Jan 5 20:51:39 GMT 2008


The message above comes at every request from the Linux machine (every 5

minutes on this installation). If I am validating a user, the same

message is shown for the user like this (user name validated=test):


Pre-authentication failed:

      User Name:            test$

      User ID:              KK\test$

      Service Name:               krbtgt/KK.LOCAL

      Pre-Authentication Type:  0x0

      Failure Code:               0x19

      Client Address:   


Messages logged on behalf of a user may be disabled by deactivating

pre-authentification for each user. But I cannot find any place in

ActiveDirectory to disable it for the machine account.


What is missing ?


Is it possible to deactivate pre-authentification on the Linux (or

Windows) side to avoid these messages ?


The Solution is to use the Active Directory tool "Users and Computers"
Select "Computers" and open the SAMBA computer entry. Select Properties
| Delegation and "Trust this computer for delegation to any service [or
get granuloar and trust it to specific services only..] (Default is "Do
not trust this computer for delegation)


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