[Samba] SAMBA mount problem

Dave Livingston dliving at cpinternet.com
Sat Jan 26 16:33:56 GMT 2008

I am running into a strange SAMBA problem that I am hoping someone else 
can shed some light on.
My server is running CENTOS 4.5 with SAMBA installed and operating 
correctly. I can share a volume on the server and connect via a Windows 
XP workstaion, and share a volume on the Windows XP workstation and 
mount it to the Linux server..no problems.

I have a device (a bill counter) at a client site  that I must connect 
to and collect data files for processing. I was told that it was a 
Windows server, so I assumed that there should not be a problem. When 
the client had the device delivered and installed, I then go to look at 
the system and found that it acutally was not Windows but the old MS-DOS 
TCP-IP, similar to Windows for Workgroups.

The bill counter has a share set up, and I am able to connect to it from 
a Windows workstation with no problem..no password required. However, I 
am unable to connect from the Linux server to the bill counter. I've 
tried all types of incantations, but to no avail, I continue to get a 
RAP143 error, a search of which did not lead me anywhere useful.

Is there anyone out that that can give me some ideas on what to try. I 
am afraid that the operating system of the counter is the problem, ie 
MS-DOS TCP/IP but the fact that the client can connect a windows 
workstation to it has made it difficult.

thanks in advance..


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