[Samba] PANIC on 6 of my client servers .Please Help

Brad Horrocks [Secure Office Services] bradhorrocks at secureoffice.com.au
Thu Jan 31 06:49:17 GMT 2008

Hi everybody
I have six samba servers working in various client locations all of which exhibit the
same problem.

Jan 31 09:37:58 sos02sp smbd[1454]: [2008/01/31 09:37:58, 0] lib/util_sec.c:assert_uid(101)
Jan 31 09:37:58 sos02sp smbd[1454]:   Failed to set uid privileges to (-1,533) now set
to (0,0)
Jan 31 09:37:58 sos02sp smbd[1454]: [2008/01/31 09:37:58, 0] lib/util.c:smb_panic(1621)
Jan 31 09:37:58 sos02sp smbd[1454]:   PANIC (pid 1454): failed to set uid

Followed by a backtrace dump. 

Some of these servers have been running for several years without any major issues and
this problem seems to have after a version upgrade to 3.0.24. Having six servers with
the same problem tends to indicate to myself that I have a common configuration issue. I
have tried everything including complete fresh installs and don't seem to be able to
resolve the issue.  Having done significant research on the Web, this panic issue does
not appear to be endemic nor common.

To save space I has included all my logs and configurations at the following Web address. 

All logs and config information can be found at:-

 Any help (or constructive criticism) would be greatly appreciated

Brad Horrocks

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