[Samba] smaba + ldap + privilages

Net Warrior netwarrior863 at gmail.com
Wed Jan 30 18:29:21 GMT 2008


If I understand well, you mean a user logged to a windows wortstation, be
able to do some stuff than a basic users, ifthat's your question the answer
is yes, you can achieve that by , when adding a user, specify which group
he/she will belong.
I do not know which sitro you are using, but samba has nice command line
tools to do so that come with the samba-doc, or samba-tools package, do not
know which distro or tools youl'll be using to admin your PDC, but you can
do that, I user webmin or phpldapadmin.

Then you mention to do that with the normal user permissions, I guess you
are referring to the common chmod+chown commands, thst's not possible as far
as I know, BUT, you can set up and refine permissions using the file system
ACL to allow/disallow acces to some folders for example, but most of it can
be done from the samba configuration file, wher you can play how a group or
a user can access a share.

Hope this helps.

2008/1/29, satish patel <linuxtrap at yahoo.co.in>:
> Dear all
>              I have smb+ ldap setup not everything is fine but i want to
> assign some right to perticuler Group so they can change TCP/IP properties
> and change system time and do some other right
> Is it possible to give some privilages to normal users ???
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> http://www.linuxbug.org
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