[Samba] Cannot add machine account

Marco De Vitis starless at spin.it
Wed Jan 30 11:17:48 GMT 2008

I'm running Samba as a PDC on a Debian Etch machine (3.0.24-6etch9).

It's been some time (months, maybe 1 year) since I last added a new 
machine to the domain, but I'd need to do it today and I'm getting an error:

#>pdbedit -a -m Woodstock-VMXP
tdb_update_sam: struct samu (woodstock-vmxp$) with no RID!
Unable to add machine! (does it already exist?)

The machine does NOT already exist in the tdb Samba database, of course. 
And I already added it to the Linux system accounts as I always do.

I have to say this is a new situation for me, because this is a VIRTUAL 
machine: WinXP Pro running in VMware Fusion on a Mac. But it's 
configured for accessing the network directly, no NAT through the Mac, 
and moreover the Mac machine is not part of the domain. So I would 
expect it to work fine as a normal Windows workstation.

Any clues?


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