[Samba] explorer.exe MSDFS problems

Mike Wilkinson mwilkinson at bigbangdigitalstudios.com
Tue Jan 29 17:39:45 GMT 2008

Hello all,

We've had to roll out a dfs stub server to cope with a migration, and 
we've noticed that explorer.exe will fail whenever a UNC path that 
traverses the graft point is pasted into the address bar. Start-Run 
works fine, ie7 works fine,

For example,

is a dfs redirect to:

and under that server2 path is the directory structure:

Pasting the UNC path \\server1\graft\a\b\c into the explorer.exe address 
bar causes:
    Windows cannot find '\\server1\graft\a\b\c' Check the spelling and 
try again.

However, pasting \\server1\graft into the explorer address bar, and 
navigating through works as expected. As noted above, Start-Run works as 
expected, ie7 works as expected.

It's obviously some different handling in explorer.exe, is anyone aware 
of either a samba fix/patch (oh please) or a registry fix for explorer?

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