[Samba] Problem accessing Samba shares simultaneously by multiple users

damiend at mckennagroup.co.uk damiend at mckennagroup.co.uk
Tue Jan 29 11:39:34 GMT 2008

why would you want 2 people in the same file at the same time doing RW
thats asking for data curruption.

for the sound of it you would be better using subversion

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Subject: [Samba] Problem accessing Samba shares simultaneously by multiple users (29-Jan-2008 10:55)
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> Hello All!
> I am using Samba Version 2.2.7a on a RedHat linux 9 box.Some .php files are
> stored on the Samba server and Users are accessing these files from windows
> system.They are using EditPlus to work on these .php files.Problem is that
> when more than one users are accessing the same file,they are unable to
> perform write operation on the file.E.g suppose user A has opened a file
> with RW priviledge,user A is working on that file.If at the same time User 
> B
> is opening the same file , the file appears to him as RO,he is unable to
> write/save the file.
> But our requirement is that multiple users will be accessing the same file
> at the same time & will perform read/write/save simultaneously.It should 
> not
> happened that if one user is perform write/save action on a file,other 
> users
> will be denied to perform write/save operation on the same file.How to do
> that?
> Please help me in this regard.IT is required immediately and it is very
> urgent for ur project.Please help me.
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