[Samba] Problem accessing Samba shares simultaneously by multiple users

Pradipta Chakraborty pradipta.skynat at gmail.com
Tue Jan 29 10:53:16 GMT 2008

Hello All!
I am using Samba Version 2.2.7a on a RedHat linux 9 box.Some .php files are
stored on the Samba server and Users are accessing these files from windows
system.They are using EditPlus to work on these .php files.Problem is that
when more than one users are accessing the same file,they are unable to
perform write operation on the file.E.g suppose user A has opened a file
with RW priviledge,user A is working on that file.If at the same time User B
is opening the same file , the file appears to him as RO,he is unable to
write/save the file.
But our requirement is that multiple users will be accessing the same file
at the same time & will perform read/write/save simultaneously.It should not
happened that if one user is perform write/save action on a file,other users
will be denied to perform write/save operation on the same file.How to do
Please help me in this regard.IT is required immediately and it is very
urgent for ur project.Please help me.

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