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Scott Lovenberg scott.lovenberg at gmail.com
Mon Jan 28 14:44:21 GMT 2008

On Jan 25, 2008 12:45 PM, Harol Hunter <hhuntercu at gmail.com> wrote:

> 2008/1/24, Scott Lovenberg <scott.lovenberg at gmail.com>:
> > Harol Hunter wrote:
> > > Hi list:
> > >
> > > I've been using samba+ldap as a PDC with roaming profiles for some
> > > time but recently I joined some machines to the domain wich are used
> > > by several users and then started the problems, the profiles loaded
> > > are not the ones owned by the users, I mean user1 loads the profile of
> > > the user2 and so on. I'm using Debian Etch (stable) with samba 3.0.24.
> > > Any Help
> > >
> > > Thanks
> > > Harol Hunter
> > >
> > Harol,
> >  How are you mapping your UIDs?  Are they statically mapped?
> >
> >
> I'm not sure what you're asking but if you mean  whether I map the
> ldap users to smbuser file or not, then the answer is no, I thought it
> wasn't necessary if I were using ldap. Now I have some more
> information I active de debug level for profiles in windows after
> reading some old posts and I found Windows loads the right profile
> from server, but then try to reconcile it with the local profile and
> as I had to activate the Delete Profiles After closing session then it
> uses whatever old profile it might find and if it can't find any then
> it creates one that won't be deleted later  the result is that all the
> profiles got mixed (and screwed) . Now all my users are about to
> lynch. I'm sending you the options of my profiles share so you can
> examinate it
> [profiles]
>        comment = Network Users Profiles
>        path = /home/samba/profiles
>        read only = No
>        create mask = 0600
>        directory mask = 0700
>        profile acls = Yes
>        browseable = No
>        csc policy = disable
> Thanks for the help, still wating
> Harol Hunter

Sorry for the delay.  I hope the users haven't killed you just yet; a LART
comes in handy in these cases!

What I meant was, how do you have your domain (samba) users mapped to an
unix UID/GID?  From the <a href="
Every operation in UNIX/Linux requires a user identifier (UID), just as in
MS Windows NT4/200x this requires a security identifier (SID). Samba
provides two means for mapping an MS Windows user to a UNIX/Linux UID.

   First, all Samba SAM database accounts require a UNIX/Linux UID that the
account will map to. As users are added to the account information database,
Samba will call the add user script interface to add the account to the
Samba host OS. In essence all accounts in the local SAM require a local user

    The second way to map Windows SID to UNIX UID is via the *idmap uid* and
*idmap gid* parameters in smb.conf. Please refer to the man page for
information about these parameters. These parameters are essential when
mapping users from a remote (non-member Windows client or a member of a
foreign domain) SAM server.


Can you provide your entire smb.conf file?  I've CC'ed the list, as I am an
LDAP amateur!

Peace and Blessings,

"Of course, that's just my opinion; I could be wrong"
-Dennis Miller

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