[Samba] file differences when copying files to linux, using samba

jeffunit jeff at jeffunit.com
Sun Jan 27 18:10:49 GMT 2008

> >>         Have you tried copying the file over with "cp" from
> >> windows to your server? (cp from 'cygwin')?
> >
> > No, but I will try that today.
> >
> >>         Have you tried comparing some of the differing files and
> >> looking for a pattern?
> >
> > Yes. I wrote a modified version of cmp that tries to list all byte
> > differences.
> > I was looking at an iso image of some linux distribution.
> > There were three bytes that differed, and if I recall correctly,
> > they were all one bit differences.
> >
>I would think one bit differences should be picked up by the TCP
>transport layer.
>You probably have Rx checksum offload on the receiving box.  You could
>try turning that off and recopying to see if the error persists.  Could
>be a bad card.

How do I turn rx checksums off under linux?  This is an intel pro1000 ct.
I am happy to try it.
The gigabit ethernet is on-board, but I have several spare gigabit 
nics available.

>Seems unlikely the Tx sender could send an incorrect checksum unless the
>buffer memory flipped a bit before checksum computation which seems
>ruled out by the ECC.  Still, I'm a believer in memtest.

I ran memtest-86+ through about 5 iterations, and there were no problems.


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